I used to believe in “good luck” – that events and opportunities in my life happened by chance and some people are just more “lucky” than others. Then in college, my roommate challenged me one day and said, “Angela, that isn’t random luck. That’s God.”

And you know what?! She was right.

I see the same conversation in our reading this week. It wasn’t luck that brought Ruth to Boaz’s field. It wasn’t luck that he just happened to arrive back to his field from Bethlehem at the same time Ruth was there. And is sure wasn’t luck that Boaz was from the clan of Elimelech and therefore a close relative to Naomi.

It wasn’t luck. It was God.

Not until college did I learn about God’s providence – how He goes before us to orchestrate events in our lives which many times we don’t even understand until years later… sometimes not until we get to heaven.

Throughout the book of Ruth, we see God’s loving hand of providence through all the details, events, and opportunities in spite of disobedience, mistakes, and sin. What I love about the book of Ruth is how God, through His amazing love, went before Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz. He crafted a beautiful story of redemption which mirrors His heart for all His children; children who at one time were like Ruth – people without hope and without a redeemer.

Maybe you’ve seen your own reflection in the pages of Ruth these last two weeks. If so, you’re in good company, sweet friend. No matter your past, God is powerful enough to redeem it.

Though Elimelech and Naomi shouldn’t have moved to Moab, God in His mercy gave Naomi her daughter-in-law, Ruth. Through Naomi, Ruth turns from her past, her gods, her culture, and cleaves to Naomi and Naomi’s God. When Naomi and Ruth need food to survive back in Bethlehem, God provides a kinsman-redeemer… Boaz. At every turn and every crisis, we witness God’s providence – not luck – providing, tending to, and caring for Naomi and Ruth.

What God did for Ruth and Naomi, He does for us too.

You may be looking at your life right now and wondering what in the world God is up to. Or you may be crying out to God, begging Him to redeem your mistakes, your journeys to foreign lands, and missed opportunities. If so, know that you are not alone. Like a prodigal son, turn back to God. When you do, you’ll see that He is running after you with open arms.

When we look at Ruth’s life and how God worked, we see that ordinary tasks like taking care of her mother-in-law or gleaning in a field actually had extraordinary results… but don’t let me get ahead of myself. For today let me end with this: God is at work in your life just like He was in Ruth’s. God is up to more than what meets the eye. There are no chance meetings, no lucky opportunities. It is God, your kinsman redeemer, who is at work in your life. That doesn’t mean that the road ahead will be easy. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be construction involved, delays, or possibly detours. What it does mean is that God is orchestrating your life for a grander purpose.

“In every loss that the godly endure God is already plotting for their gain.” – John Piper

Let’s Talk: Looking back over your life, how has God been orchestrating it for a greater good?

Love God Greatly,




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Angela Perritt

Angela Perritt

Angela Perritt is the founder and director of LoveGodGreatly.com, a nonprofit online Bible study ministry reaching thousands of women in over two hundred countries around the world with God’s Word through their translated Bible studies. She and her husband live in Dallas, Texas with their three daughters. Angela is passionate about God’s Word and believes one woman in God’s Word can change a family, community and ultimately a nation. Her greatest joy is to encourage her children and others to love God greatly with their lives one day at a time. You can connect with her on Instagram.

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