Sweet friends,

This summer we invite you to join us as we dig into God’s truth over common lies many of us find ourselves believing.

Lies like: You aren’t enough, you can’t change, God won’t forgive you for that…and so many others.

In this six-week summer study, we will take common everyday lies many of us struggle with and replace those lies with God’s truth…because God’s truth is more powerful than any lie Satan can speak over us. Each day of our study we will focus on a different lie and read Scripture targeted at combating that lie.

So invite your friends and join us on June 18th as we dig into God’s truth and begin breaking the bondage of lies we have believed for way too long!

You can participate by:

Purchase your Truth Over Lies study journal here, 100% of proceeds go back into our ministry as we break down language and financial barriers that keep women around the world from having access to God’s Word in their native language.

Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

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