As we launch our Savior Christmas Bible study translations, we invite you to pray with us as these studies go out into the world.

Pray they ease the burden of the young missionary woman who desperately wants to disciple the women she is reaching out to but needs materials in the language she is serving.

Pray for the pastor who would love to have women’s Bible studies for his church to encourage and help his women dig into God’s Word, but his budget is to tight to afford any.

Pray for the woman in a foreign land who is crying out to God, wanting to know Him better but needing a Bible study in her language.

And please join us in prayer over our amazing translators. Women who sacrifice their evenings, weekends and any “extra” time to pour their hearts into translating our studies so that women in their language can have these amazing studies, too.

Pray these translations reach women all over the world as we share them today.

Pray that hearts, minds and eternities are forever changed as women learn more about our Lord these next four weeks and choose to make Him their Savior, too.

Pray and then help us get our translated Bible studies into the hands of those who are needing them.

Please send this post to your mission’s pastor, missionaries your church supports, any missionary friends and your friends who would be blessed to have our studies in their language.

Here at Love God Greatly, we are on a pretty important mission and we invite you to join us! 

TOGETHER, let’s spread God’s Word around the world!

You can find our Savior translations here: SAVIOR TRANSLATIONS

You can check out our upcoming translated websites here…please note they are still a work in progress at this time.


Don’t forget to grab YOUR friends and join us this coming MONDAY as we begin our Christmas study called: Savior! You can download or grab your copy here!

Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

Walking in Victory Bible Study

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