I started translating for Love God Greatly a year after I became a Christian – with no experience, little theology, and a whole lot of burning passion to bring something beautiful and resourceful to the women in my country.

Originally from the Czech Republic, I was living in Northern Ireland as a church youth intern at the age of 19. Being part of a local church in Czech before that made me aware of how little church leaders had to work with when it came to group study resources – however, I also fondly remember how what they lacked in recourses they made up with passion and determination to serve their people well.

When I moved to Northern Ireland initially for one year, I could not believe the resources, types of Bibles, study guides AND Christian literature available in English – both in store and especially online!

I wanted it.

I wanted it for myself, I wanted it for my small group at home, I also wanted it for the Czech women all around the country! I longed to make their devotional time more beautiful and joyful through quality resources that would be easily accessible – and with Love God Greatly, this also meant free!

Over the many years of being part of the LGG ministry, I have come to appreciate God’s Word in new ways. God has provided a sweet community of women – translators and leaders – who encourage, inspire, and motivate me to spend time in God’s Word every day, and who live out the difference this makes in their lives. I have also gained a rich wealth of knowledge from translating LGG resources into the Czech language – each document, paragraph, and word has been prayed over as I typed, deleted, pondered, and re-typed. And it has led me to a deeper relationship with our loving Father because I realize that I cannot encourage and lead others in their study of the Scriptures unless I am doing the same. I have, therefore, – imperfectly still – learned the sweet discipline of soaking in passages of the Bible and memorizing verses daily.

Never would I have imagined this wild adventure God would take me on by saying aloud, passionate YES… the resonant YES of a new believer, with the kind of passion that would slowly dissolve and eventually turn into a deep fire burning for His people and His kingdom. If He can use someone like me, He sure can use someone like you!

Petra Stoneman, Northern Ireland
LGG Czech


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