Words Matter: KIDS Bible Study Journal [English]



Have you ever heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? It’s not true. Words do hurt. They may not break your bones, but many times they will break your heart.

God cares about the words we say to each other and the words we say to ourselves. God even cares about the words we text to our friends or share on social media.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:34-37 that life and death can be found in the words we speak and think.

Your words matter.

Words matter to the people around you and they matter to God. Words have the power to influence your life in very significant ways. Whether it’s talking to your family, texting your friends, or thinking things to yourself, your words matter.

Through this study we will learn to honor God and others with the words that we speak. We will learn life-changing truths that will influence the words we say and think. No longer will our words be idle: we will harness the power within them and choose to use them for good. We pray this study gives us great insight into how we can consistently speak words that give life and transform lives.

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