Jonah Study Journal: FOR KIDS [English]


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Love God Greatly is wholeheartedly devoted to offering Scripture to women all over the world in their native language. And now, our beautiful community of women is able to study alongside their children and share God’s Word with the younger generation through this powerful study of Jonah. It took being swallowed and finally vomited by a great fish for Jonah to finally do what God had been telling him to do. If he hadn’t given in, the entire population of Nineveh might have died without realizing God wanted to save them. When Jonah delivered the message, the wicked city fell to its knees and asked for forgiveness. The King of Nineveh said, “Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish.” Jonah 3:9 Jonah, the King, and the city of Nineveh did not know what would happen, but God did. He is compassionate, wise, merciful, and sovereign. And His message of salvation is for everyone. No matter how bad people are or how long they have been running from God, He still waits and wants them to accept His free gift of salvation. God wants our young people to hear His Word and to know that, even when they are running from Him, they are never too far from His great, compassionate reach. And God will go to great lengths to remind them of His love and mercy!

Jonah for Kids contains a simple plan of purposeful, focused time. In just four weeks, the children in your life will learn God is relentless in His love and full of grace. This journal is uniquely crafted to engage children with Scripture that shows them nothing is impossible with God! Love God Greatly’s mission is to make God’s Word accessible to all, and we are breaking down financial and language barriers through your purchase of this journal. Thank you for partnering with us to spread the Gospel all over the world! For more encouragement for you and your child, join us at where you will find further insights, community, and content to supplement your time in God’s Word!

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