Esther: Bible Study Journal [English]



We live in a day when it is important to be strong and brave and stand up for what is right. While God is never mentioned in the book of Esther, His fingerprints are all over this true story. Esther is a timeless story; it is a relevant to our lives today as it was to the Jews who lived through the events. It’s a story of how God can take an ordinary orphan girl and make her queen of the most powerful nation of her day.

Esther is an incredible story that reminds us God is always working. From this story, we learn there is no such thing as “coincidence.” Though God may seem distant, even absent at times, He is present. God is always with us and at work in our lives.

This amazing story of a “nobody” who becomes a “somebody” is for each of us. Esther is a book about choosing faith over fear and walking forward in obedience, no matter the cost. It’s a story about choosing to be brave and doing the right thing in the midst of uncertainty. We may not always see God working in our lives, but we trust that He is in the details, like He was in Esther’s so many years ago.

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