Draw Near: KIDS Bible Study Journal [English]



Have you ever read the Bible and thought, “What does this mean?”

Have you ever had a hard time remembering what the Bible says?

Have you ever been confused about why it is important to do what the Bible says?

You’re not alone.

Draw Near is a Bible study that will help us answer these questions.

By drawing near to God, He promises to draw near to us. As we study God’s Word, we learn more about who He is. As we learn more about who He is, we understand more of the reasons He does certain things. The Bible is the most reliable way to know God: let’s use it!

By reading and studying God’s Word, we learn more about Him. Learning to study God’s Word is a skill that will reap incredible benefits throughout our lives, but it takes commitment and discipline. Together we’ll learn about the different tools that help us learn more about God and more about studying the Bible.

It is never too early to learn ways to study and understand the Bible. Draw Near: Learning to Study God’s Word will help your child learn how to study God’s Word as well as the importance of spending daily time with God. As we teach the truth of Scripture to our children, why not also teach them how to study it themselves?

Let’s embark on this journey together, learning to study God’s Word in order to deepen our relationships with Him. Join us for this six-week study as we learn to draw near to God by studying His Word.

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