Draw Near: Bible Study Journal [English]



Have you ever read the Bible and thought, “How do I make sense of this?”

Have you ever struggled to understand how to apply God’s Word to your life?

Have you ever felt like God’s Word is a confusing collection of stories and sayings, and you’re not sure how it all fits together?

You’re not alone.

Draw Near is a Bible study designed to help us answer these questions.

By drawing near to God, He promises to draw near to us. As we study God’s Word, we learn more about His character. As we learn more about His character, we understand more of His work and plan. God’s Word is the most reliable and trustworthy resource we have for understanding who He is: let’s use it!

By studying and understanding God’s Word, we deepen our relationships with Him. Learning to study God’s Word is a skill that will reap incredible benefits throughout our lives, but it takes commitment and discipline.

Draw Near: Learning to Study God’s Word to Deepen Your Walk with Him will guide you through Bible study methods, teaching you tools to grow in your understanding of God’s Word. As we learn the importance of memorization, observation, interpretation, application, and prayer, we will begin to see and understand God’s Word in new ways.

Let’s embark on this journey together, learning to study God’s Word in order to deepen our relationships with Him. Join us online for this six-week study or on our Love God Greatly app. You’ll find corresponding Draw Near content in both places with our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday blogs, further insights through our daily devotions, and a loving community to cheer for you as you learn to study God’s Word.

Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

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