Choose Brave KIDS Bible Study Journal [English]



Deep down, I think we all want to be brave like the superheroes we see in the movies. We like the thought of saving the day, helping good triumph over evil, and justice prevail. Yet I know in our everyday worlds, choosing to be brave can be hard. Kids can be mean. Our world can be scary at times.

In this Love God Greatly Choose Brave for Kids study, we are going to learn how to: Be brave in facing your fears. Be brave to fight the good fight. Be brave to live counter-culturally. Be brave to put God first. Be brave when discouraged. So maybe choosing to be brave doesn’t mean we wear superhero capes with the letter “S” across our shirts…but it does mean we can learn to be brave when we understand that God is always by our side.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”- Joshua 1:9

God didn’t create you to live in fear, He made you to be strong and courageous through Him…kind of like a superhero. You and God…now that’s a pretty incredible team! Because of Jesus, you can be braver than you feel and stronger than you ever thought possible when He is by your side and His Words are in your heart. So let’s dig into God’s Word and learn how we can choose to be brave.

Love God Greatly’s mission is to remove much of the work and make His Word accessible to all. We are breaking down financial and language barriers through your purchase of this journal! Thank you for partnering with us to spread the Gospel. For more encouragement for you and your child, join us online where you will find further insights, community, and content to supplement your time in God’s Word.

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