Friend, we all long to make a difference on this earth, right? Each of us has a desire to make an impact on somebody else, change this world for the better, and as Christian women, we get excited when we see God move in our lives – and we wish that others could experience that, too.

One of the ways we connect with God and grow deeper in our love and knowledge of Him is through His Word. But did you know that billions of women around the world have no access to God’s Word? The most common reasons are language and financial barriers.

At Love God Greatly, we create and translate biblical resources into 33+ languages and offer these for free to women, small groups, missionaries and churches around the world! We are fighting against biblical illiteracy and we are not going to stop until every woman in every nation has access to Scripture in her own language.

However, we cannot do this alone.

This is why we would love to invite you to become part of the mission! Join God in what He is already doing in the nations!

We are asking God to unite 300 women for the purpose of advancing His kingdom as we take His Word into every corner of this world. We have so far got just over 100 women. Would you help us reach our goal of 300 by the end of December and become our next monthly donor?

Your recurring monthly donation of $35 or more will ensure we can keep on creating new Bible studies, translating them into 33+ languages, and keep offering them to be downloaded for free. In exchange for your eternal investment, we will send you each of our new Bible study journals right to your home! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Recurring monthly donations of $75 or more will help us further our reach, equip even more women with God’s Word and leadership skills so they can reach their own communities, cities, and nations with God’s Truth, and help us plan future events. In exchange for your generous investment, we will not only send you each of our Bible study journals right to your home – you will also receive a quarterly gift from us AND access to an exclusive LGG App group with special announcements, updates, and lives!

Help us reach women with God’s Word from the comfort of your own home. Become a monthly donor today and make an eternal impact!


Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

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