No Matter the Storms

Mark 4:35-41


Once I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I thought I found a life where there would be no pain and my life would be totally blessed. The reality was quite different. 


As followers of Jesus Christ, we struggle with the same things as non-believers: fear, grief, sin, heartache, and doubt. Storms happen in our lives and they can make us doubt God’s love.


My husband and I were on a mission trip in Turkey and I was a few months pregnant. One evening I found myself bleeding really hard. I had already lost my first baby a few years ago and I didn’t want it to happen again. 


We were far away from all the hospitals, and my only hope was Jesus. The more I prayed the harder I was bleeding. My head was exploding with hundreds of questions. And one of them was the same as disciples had during the storm: “Jesus, don’t You care?”


It was all about trusting God in that moment, though it was not that easy to do. Every Christian, at least once, feels like the disciples did in the storm, afraid the water and the waves are about to overcome us while God sleeps. Our eyes grow wide and fill with tears while His eyes seem to stay shut. When our sweet Jesus is so close to us in the boat, yet it feels like He is deaf to our most sincere prayers.

Lack of faith and great doubts can poison our hearts in those moments. Fear ruins our confidence in God’s goodness. It makes us forget every answered prayer and every miracle we’ve witnessed in the past.


In the midst of my own storm, this story came to mind. I decided that if I had been in that boat with Jesus, even if my heart was terrified with fear, I would choose to hug Jesus tight. No matter what happened I would choose to hide myself in His loving nature.


A few days later, when we finally got into hospital, the doctor announced: “Your baby is totally fine and you are going to have a girl!” What a miracle! What a blessing!  It was like a true rainbow after the storm I faced.  


My daughter is now three-years-old. Her name is Vera which means Faith in Russian. Her life always reminds me no matter what storms I meet on my way, my God is faithful and He cares for me and is with me in any storm. 


Nadia, Kazakhstan





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