For those of you who would rather do a Thanksgiving and or Christmas study for the months of November and December, we’ve got you covered!

For a Thanksgiving study, grab our two-week In Everything Give Thanks study for you and your friends.

We are reminded in Ephesians 5:20 to “… always give thanks to God the Father for everything.”

For everything, Lord?

Does God really want us to give thanks for things like relationships that cause us pain, heartaches, empty bank accounts, and sick bodies? EVERYTHING? In this two-week Love God Greatly Online Thanksgiving Bible study, you’ll learn what God’s Word has to say about cultivating a life of thankfulness and how YOU can intentionally begin applying these uplifting truths in your everyday life. You’re invited to journal with us as we dive into God’s Word together… reading and writing what God speaks into your heart along the way.

Just think of what could happen if we began choosing to see everything in our lives through a lens of gratitude…

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In Everything Give Thanks Journal

Or try one of our THREE Christmas/Advent studies!

God With Us Study Journal for Kids

In the Old Testament, the people of God looked forward in anticipation to the coming of the Messiah. This Advent required lots of waiting, trusting, and patience. Even now we are in a season of Advent, aren’t we?

We are waiting expectantly for our Savior to return; to rescue us, once and for all, from the presence of sin and fear, to make all things right and beautiful, and for us to dwell in His kingdom and walk forever by His side. The Advent we are in also requires waiting, trusting, and patience. But the great news? The hope that Israel had is the same hope that we have today.

In this 4-week Love God Greatly Online Advent Bible study, we will look at some of the Old Testament promises of the Savior and the humility that would characterize Him. We will study why He came and the response of various people in the Christmas story, including how we too should respond to Jesus and His coming.

Emmanuel…God with us.

This indeed is very good news! This Christmas, journal with us as we dive into God’s Word together…reading and writing what God speaks into your heart along the way.

God With Us…what an amazing truth to celebrate this Christmas!

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His Name Is Bible Study Journal

“Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name…” – Philippians 2:9 When it comes to God, one name just isn’t adequate enough to tell of His great character and mighty power. One name simply cannot contain our Savior.

For four weeks leading up to Christmas, join the Love God Greatly community as we look at four names that reveal to us the greatness of Jesus. His name is… The Alpha and Omega The Bright Morning Star The Good Shepherd The Prince of Peace Through studying the names of God, we get to know our Savior more fully and spend time adoring Him for who He is. God shows Himself to us through His names because of His great love for us. We, in turn, have the privilege of loving, worshiping, and resting in Him on an even deeper level during this reflective time of year.

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And last but not least, we have our Savior Christmas study!

Christmas can be an overwhelming season. We try to feel the joy of the celebration, but our long to-do lists and packed schedules often leave us exhausted and we crawl to Christmas Eve trying to survive until the 26th.

In the middle of our very busy days, it´s easy to forget what we really celebrate at Christmas: We celebrate Jesus. We celebrate His coming.

“And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” – Luke 2:10-11

We celebrate the good news of Jesus´ birth. This was news of great joy and would be for all the people.

We celebrate that a Savior has been born to us.

We celebrate the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets in Jesus.

We celebrate Emmanuel, God with us.

This Christmas study will help you think about the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate His coming.

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Whichever study you pick, Beatitudes, God With Us, In Everything Give Thanks…you can’t go wrong! Each study will help you dig a little more into God’s Word and help prepare your heart as we finish out 2019!!!

Grab a journal, build a community,
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