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Walking in Wisdom- Proverbs Bible Study Journals

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The Book of Proverbs positions us face-to-face with the wise and the fool and the consequences that follow their choices. The text is highly personal, at times uncomfortably transparent, and doesn’t mess around in zeroing in on the world’s greatest temptations that threaten to lead us astray from walking in the wisdom that God intended for us.

This six-week Love God Greatly Online Bible Study on Proverbs points to a topical look at Proverbs and the key themes of wisdom in our speech, our relationships, our work and wealth, and in the face of temptation.

Trust in the Lord instead of your own understanding is where the book of Proverbs ultimately leads us. God is the source of all wisdom, He uses these proverbs to show us the path that leads to wisdom, and He reveals to us the fruit of walking in this great wisdom… so that our trust is ultimately not in our floundering ways, but can be found securely in Him.

Building a House That Stands…

Today I flipped back to the first page of my 2017 journal - the page where I poured out my honest, wrecked heart as I began my journey with the Lord this year. I had been frustrated. Frustrated with too much noise and not enough stillness. Frustrated with too much...

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Building A Life-Long Perspective of Wisdom

Looking back over my life, I realize I hadn’t ever really thought much about being a mom.  I wanted to marry, but never really brought children into the picture in my imagination!  You might say ... my view of the future lacked some perspective.  Perspective is a word...

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Week 6-The Fruit Of Wisdom

Welcome to our last week of our Walking In Wisdom study. We hope that you have had a good time studying, thinking, and praying through various Proverbs on wisdom. During our last week together we are going to be looking at the fruit, or result, of wisdom. We have...

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Withholding Good

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act." - Proverbs 3:27 Some of the hardest teachings in the Bible for me are those that abruptly confront my selfish flesh. Love your enemies. Count it as joy when you encounter trials....

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Week 5 – Standing Strong in a Tempting World

My feet usually hit the floor each morning at 5:00am. Ask me a few minutes after that if I'm easily tempted by the world and I'll give you a big, fat, "No way, baby."  Armed with some decent sleep, a fresh cup of coffee, and the fact that I've not put together a...

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The Value Of A Good Name

If we were to ask people on the street to list the three most important things in their lives we might hear things like, family, God, career, wealth, and a myriad of other commonly shared values. What I do not think we would hear many claim to be of vital importance...

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Wisdom in Wealth, and How to Invest in Eternity…

God wants your heart. He’s looking for disciples so filled with a vision for eternity that their deepest desire is to invest their money, time, and prayers where they will matter most. “If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where...

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Week 4- Choosing to Cultivate

No one wants to be called a sluggard or thought of as lazy. We read today's verses and might think, "This doesn't apply to me. I'm a hard worker." But as I was preparing and praying over what God would have me share today, my mind kept going back to the word "soul."...

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A Call to Love our Enemies

In Proverbs 25:21, Solomon, who is known as “the wisest man who ever lived,” gives us a front row seat on insight to loving people well and what it truly looks like when we put it to work in our lives. He issues a challenge to believers by saying we are called to not...

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Choosing To Build Up Rather Than Tear Down

No woman in her right mind would want to tear her family down with her own hands or be described as disgraceful or quarrelsome. Yet every day I have a choice to build up my family or to tear them down with my words, my actions, and my choices. I remember one of the...

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Week 3 – The Influence of Friends

Good morning and welcome to Week 3 in our Walking In Wisdom study! This week the focus is on relationships. Our lives are made up of various kinds of relationships - at work, at home, at church, at school, at the park, and at the store, just to name a few. We interact...

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A Wise Woman Speaks The Gospel

Speech is a beautiful gift. It distinguishes us from all earthly creations. It allows us to communicate with others, to pray to and praise God, and as William Stevens once said, the ability to speak “allies us to angelic beings.” But, as with all things tainted by...

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When You Believe The Lies Instead Of The Truth

With tears streaming down her face one of my daughters ran into my bathroom one morning as I was getting ready. Burying her head into my stomach she cried, “Mommy, make her stop! 'So and so' is not saying kind words! She called me a name and it hurt my feelings. I’m...

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Week 2: Wisdom in Speech

I said it, and I couldn't take it back. In the heat of the moment (on a demanding, dreary day and on much too little sleep) I had let my guard down and the anger in my heart slipped out through words that I would immediately regret. The recipient of those harsh words?...

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The Wise Man Fears

If you are joining us for this study then it is safe to assume that you desire to be a wise person. You want wisdom to be so much a part of you that it pours out of your life by way of your thoughts, words and actions. I will also assume that if you are human then you...

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The Trust Fall

We called it the Faith Course.  Every summer, I’d hop on a bus to chaperone another group of girls from our youth group at summer camp. They played big ball volleyball on the sand court and wrestled over a greased watermelon in the lake. Those adventurous girls got...

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Week 1- Walking In Wisdom

We live in a day where knowledge is plentiful. Self-help books line row after row in our bookstores and libraries. TV shows are dedicated to sharing expert advice on everything from marriage problems, raising children, to how to lead a happy, healthy life. The...

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Introduction To Our Walking In Wisdom Study

You don’t have to live long to find out that life is full of choices, and that those choices have consequences. Some choices are as basic as deciding what we should eat for lunch, and other choices carry heavy commitments that can deeply affect our relationships, our...

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Walking In Wisdom TRANSLATIONS!!!

Here at Love God Greatly, investing in what really matters has always been the driving force of what we do.  We’ve had the privilege of inspiring, encouraging, and equipping women all over the world for a while now, and here’s what we find to be universally true among...

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If you’ve been around Love God Greatly for long, you know that we’re really passionate about a couple of things: inspiring women get into God’s Word, and encouraging them that they don’t have to do it alone!  In today’s fast-paced technology-driven world, it is easy...

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Walking In Wisdom- Materials Now Available!

We begin our Walking In Wisdom study this coming M O N D A Y and we couldn’t be more excited! Now is a great time to reach out to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers and invite them to do our Walking In Wisdom study with you for these next six weeks! Our online...

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