It is my prayer that this written testimony strengthens another daughter of God in her journey of faith. 


Wednesday, November 4th of 2020 was another typical day of working from home due to the COVID 19 pandemic, until I received the phone call around 10:20am. Never, did I ever imagine receiving such news.

I answered the call and the woman on the other line said, “We have the results of your mammogram you had this past Monday. It shows a lump on your left breast. We need you to come in for an ultrasound.”

My response was disbelief. I sat in silence for a long time. I don’t know how long the silence was all I could think was “it’s cancer.” I immediately was transported to the time when I had called home over 20 years ago, I was in the airport letting my family know I was coming home from a missionary trip. A family member told me about mom, her recent symptoms, and a biopsy. I had that feeling; I knew she had cancer.

I scheduled my follow-up appointment for that same afternoon. The waiting began. My older sister came to mind, diagnosed at 47 with breast cancer but, survived. My aunt who died of breast cancer. My cousin who died of breast cancer at 40. Here I am, at 48 years old with all the high risks factors on both sides of my family. 

As I waited around that morning, my mind flooded with all kinds of thoughts and fears, a clear and firm thought came to mind: “Liliana, it is time you start practicing what you have been studying. It is time to have the blind faith Abraham and others had.” I started to remember the lessons of faith I had learned from the Book of Hebrews. My Love God Greatly group had just finished studying the Book of Hebrews, and one by one, heroes of faith came to mind. I read Hebrews 11 and remembered notes from my Love God Greatly Hebrews journal. My thoughts changed, my outlook on the situation took a turn. 

I began to pray. I had a good personal conversation with God promising to praise Him no matter the outcome. I knew He was going to see me through. I thanked Him for teaching me from His Word, for my Love God Greatly group, for time getting to know Him. I prayed I could be a witness to others. I prayed for the technician and the doctor, that they would see God’s love through me. I asked God to use my life. At the end, I had accepted the situation, felt at peace, and decided I was not going to assume anything. Soon after, I sent texts to my siblings, supervisor, coworkers, and friends informing them of the situation and asking for prayer.

Finally, after what seemed like the longest morning of my life, I was at my appointment. I began to pray and wait. As I sat in the waiting room, several other women walked in. One shared how she had waited over two weeks for an appointment. I thought, “Liliana, you only had to wait about 4 hours…” Women of all ages and backgrounds came in, reminding me how cancer does not discriminate; it does not matter our age or race. 

When I was finally seen, the technician opened with “there is nothing wrong with your breasts, they are fine.” I was shocked! Thankful, overwhelmed, relieved, and shocked. She explained how the mammogram revealed a swollen lymph node, which could have been the result of an infection or even allergies. I remembered how my  allergies were really acting up a few days before. During the ultrasound I shared how I had been praying for her, that I’d specifically prayed for the technician I would see later that day. I thanked her several times as I headed out.

I was in awe, just smiling and happy! I got into my car and thought, “what happened Lord?” The whole day, from the phone call to sitting in my car, played like a movie in my mind.  I began to pray giving thanks and praising Him. I cried tears of gratefulness, tears of appreciation for His mercies, for His strength, for His comfort, and for His love. I prayed for the technician and her family, for my co-workers, siblings, and friends who I knew were praying.  

I know in my heart that my reaction of this entire experience would have been different a year ago, even months ago. I know in my heart, the study of God’s Word is key to a deeper relationship with God. It is God’s providence that this experience happened shortly after finishing studying the book of Hebrews. The lessons I learned on faith are life changing. Praises and Honor to the One who knows me. 



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