My kingdom is not of this world…

Last week we learned from David’s life that a person’s heart is more important than his appearance (1 Samuel 16:7). God used David to pave the way for Jesus, and Jesus’s kingdom is unlike anything anyone ever expected.

Everyone but God, that is.

Today we see that Jesus came to establish a spiritual kingdom, even though those around him wanted a physical kingdom.

The Jews wanted their long awaited Messiah to come into their world and shake things up. They wanted him to come and save their people, but in the ways and with the force they envisioned. They wanted salvation – not from their own brokenness, sin, and regrets – but rather from their physical enemies and from the oppression they lived under. At the heart of it, they wanted revenge: for how they had been treated, and for those who had hurt them. They wanted their Roman oppressors to pay, both literally and figuratively.

I look at my own heart and life and see that I’m not any different from them. I don’t want spiritual solutions to my physical problems either. But Jesus’s ways are not our ways, so why would we think His kingdom would be like anything we could envision?

Jesus’s kingdom is spiritual.

It has no boundary lines but resides in the hearts of those who love Him. Men, women, young, and old. He does not discriminate. Americans, Mexicans, Hungarians, Russians, Moroccans, Jews, and Samaritans… political lines are erased and walls are broken down as we learn to live for Him and His kingdom rather than for ourselves. Hands are extended and compassion is granted as conversations and new friendships are birthed.

Its weapons are spiritual: prayer, forgiveness, truth, and love.

These weapons are more powerful than any military can fashion. They are weapons that can change the course of our families and nations – our very lives – if we choose to use them.

These weapons are at our disposal and are unlike anything the world has ever seen. But we have a choice. Will we realize that the battle we are really facing no physical weapon can defeat and use the weapons Jesus has so graciously given us? Don’t be tricked. Though our battles may appear to be nation against nation, family against family, neighbor against neighbor… we must choose to open our eyes and look a little closer. The battles we are facing are spiritual and we must fight back with the spiritual weapons Jesus has given us.

We must choose to fight back through the power of prayer instead of with words that tear each other down.

We must choose to fight back with God’s truth instead of our opinions.

We must choose to fight back by choosing love over hate, forgiveness over grudges, and unity over discord.

We must not forget that Jesus’s kingdom has an enemy: sin and Satan.

As women empowered by God’s Word we must constantly be reminded that Jesus’s kingdom is not of this world…and ours shouldn’t be either. Jesus’s kingdom resides in our hearts (Luke 17:21).

Let’s Talk: Knowing this truth, how can you take Jesus’s kingdom into the world?

Love God Greatly!





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