We all gathered in a large hut with no walls and a straw roof. This was the third or fourth sermon of the day. The uncomfortable benches and the proliferation of mosquitoes due to a slight rain kept me fully awake despite the fact that I don´t understand the Curripaco language. Knowing that “whites” were joining them for the conference, they started their messages in Spanish, but then gradually turned to their language. I had a translator, but she often went her way to do something else. That meant I missed most of the things the preachers from different Indigenous villages said.

Suddenly, one of the elders in the hut stood up and started to talk to the preacher. Others joined him. I had no clue of what they said, but seeing the angry faces of some of the men and my husband´s worried expression, I knew this was important.

My husband indicated from other side of the hut: “They´re removing him from the pulpit.” Wait, what? I looked for my translator, but she was nowhere to be seen. He was right. Some minutes later, the preacher was escorted out of the hut and they went on with the program.

During the evening meal, the pastor from the village we were staying at told us what happened, “He said things that are not true. The Bible doesn´t teach that.” Of course, I know enough of the Indigenous culture to know that was all the explanation we were going to get while I was present. He would later explain the details to my husband and ask for his opinion in a pastor´s meeting.

The older men in the Curripaco villages know the Bible very well and they can tell when someone is wandering from the truth. But the younger generations don’t. That´s why they ask all the time for missionaries to come to their villages and teach them, so all of them can recognize bad doctrine before people hear it and get confused.

Sometimes I wish we “whites” had the guts these fellow brothers in the jungle have to stand up and say, “You´re not preaching God´s truth, please, leave the platform!”

This was exactly what Micah was doing in his rebuke to the false prophets on today´s verses. He was telling them to leave the platform because they were not preaching God´s truth, they were telling the people, especially the corrupt governors and rulers of the time, what they wanted to hear. They prophesied happy days to fill their stomachs while the truth was that judgment and exile were around the corner because of constant, unrepentant sin.

People didn´t want to hear about sin.

People don´t want to hear about sin today, either. How many of our modern churches have stopped preaching about sin so they don’t make people uncomfortable? In many churches, people get shallow messages Sunday after Sunday without hearing words like “sin,” “confession,” or “repentance.” The Gospel is good news and encourages people, yes. However, it´s also the truth of a righteous God and sin needs to be addressed in order to help us live accordingly to His Word.

When we take from the Bible only the verses we like and let aside those which deal with our sin, we are missing a huge part. God´s Word is truth that changes our hearts and aligns our lives with His.

I want God´s truth to make me feel uncomfortable. I want it to be the mirror I look onto. I want it to change my heart in order to change my life. Let´s be women of the Word and not be afraid of speaking God´s truth in love.

Content in His service,



To Do Justice, to Love Kindness, to Walk Humbly

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