It is hard to watch as the death toll rises every day.

I teared up on a YouTube video of how a Chinese nurse had to give air hugs to her daughter in order to not risk spreading the virus. Oh, how she missed her daughter and longed to go home. Oh, how she longed to hold her little girl in her arms!

It is a daily battle to fight against fear. God’s people battle terror, rumors, and anxiety as they seek to find peace, truth, and joy in a dark circumstance. When the pain and grief are too much to bear, I remember what is true.

The truth is, we have all been through something like the Coronavirus. Epidemics in Africa, earthquakes in Japan, tsunamis in Indonesia, wars in Europe, and poverty in Central America, have each taken a toll on our world. This is by no means to minimize the pain and grief that are currently happening in affected nations. As a global ministry, Love God Greatly’s heart aches with our fellow sisters all across the world. When our beloved world suffers, we cry, we grieve, and we pray. Then we open up our Bibles and cling to God’s promises and His truth.

Our hope is not in surgical masks, vaccines, or even in life. Our hope comes from Jesus Christ our risen King. As we study the resurrection of Jesus in depth this Easter season, we see the faithfulness of God. He has delivered us before and He will deliver us again. He is still on the throne. The tomb is still empty. Jesus is risen.


Love God Greatly Chinese

Please join us in praying for the Coronavirus, for containment, for vaccines to be developed quickly, for comfort for victims and their families, and for peace to reign instead of fear.

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