I just met her last Sunday and I’m not sure I’ll see her again this side of heaven, but she’s changed my life forever.

Ever meet anyone like that?

Someone brave. Someone extremely humble, but confident in God’s plan for her life. Someone who’s on a mission and wants to make the most of her days. I’m not even sure she set out to inspire everyone around her. She just does.

Even while she’s dying.

She held a garage sale recently and affectionately named it her “Going-to-Heaven Garage Sale.”  As quiet tears rolled down the faces surrounding me, she smiled and continued on to explain the real purpose behind her visit to our Sunday school class that morning.

{Wait… Heaven. Oh, can you even begin to imagine it?}

A new ministry would get off the ground – one that she helped to inspire through her own suffering. A ministry that will provide knowledge, encouragement, practical support, and relationship for those on their own cancer journeys – from those who have already been there. Love will reign over all, and Jesus will be the foundation for their hope. And while there’s still time she’s making her rounds… because she doesn’t want to miss a single opportunity to speak life – both in her living, and in her dying.

She doesn’t want to leave a legacy that bears her name. She wants to leave behind more of Jesus while she can.

Hearing her talk took my breath away. I’ve spent seasons of my life trying to avoid suffering at all cost, yet I hung onto her carefully constructed sentences that told me that Jesus is more beautiful to her in this very place.

LoveGodGreatlyI couldn’t stand it, so I tracked down her number and called her this week. I just wanted to hear more of her voice. To soak in her wisdom. To stop wasting my days desperately holding onto the temporary when I could know more of the beauty of Christ in the hard here and now. To ask her how she got to this place of sweet surrender.

Run to God’s Word. Look for opportunities to see God at work. Pray, expecting to hear from heaven. Tell about God’s faithfulness. Commit to the process, knowing that He who started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it…

We crave happy. He craves holy.

We run after stuff. He wants us to run after Him.

Jesus, draw me close
Closer, Lord, to You.
Let the world around me fade away.

Jesus, draw me close;
Closer, Lord, to You.
For I desire to worship and obey.

Time is not on her side, but God is. And He is better. He just is, and she’s walking so closely with him that she can already taste it.

When did we start expecting so much from this world?


Because Jesus is better. Now, and for all of eternity.

And while there’s still time she’s making her rounds, because she doesn’t want to miss a single opportunity to speak life…

“So then, those who suffer according to God’s will

should commit themselves to their faithful Creator

and continue to do good.” ~ 1 Peter 4:19

Suffering is real. But child of God, it’s not the end.

Jesus, help me to leave behind more of You…

At His feet,


*LET’S TALK: What are you holding onto? 



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