Jesus the Servant


The Gospel of Mark identifies an aspect of Jesus’ character that was significantly different from what the Jews expected in their messiah. Instead of focusing on His impressive lineage, Mark highlighted incidents in Jesus’ ministry that displayed how He is both the Son of God and the faithful Suffering Servant who died for the sins of the world.


Mark contains three main sections, each describing a different aspect of Jesus’ servanthood. Chapters 1–7 reveal how Jesus was a servant to the multitudes, and these chapters feature His deity and power. Chapters 8–10 display how He was a servant to the disciples, focusing on principles of discipleship and servant-leadership. Finally, chapters 11–16 display how Jesus was a servant to the world, detailing His death and resurrection. Two significant confessions of Jesus’ deity serve as markers in the Gospel of Mark: Peter’s confession in 8:29 and the centurion’s in 15:39.


Many contend that Mark wrote the Gospel that bears his name while in Rome under Peter’s supervision. Mark was a participant in some of the events recorded in this Gospel, possibly including the arrest of Jesus (where he may have been the man who ran away naked from the soldiers in the garden). Mark probably wrote this Gospel around the time of Peter’s death, about A.D. 65–67. 


The Gospel of Mark presents Jesus as God’s Son, as one who was willing to die for the sins of humanity. This Gospel reminds us of Jesus’ overwhelming love for people. He not only gave up His authority and position in heaven, but He humbled Himself and became a servant, not only of God but of sinful humans. His matchless love is on display on every page of this Gospel, encouraging us to respond by loving Him greatly and surrendering our lives to Him. 


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