SOAP verse for Armor of God study, Week 5 - Day 3

This week’s piece of armor is the helmet of salvation. Head injuries can be fatal, so when soldiers go into battle, a helmet protects their head and their brain, which is the powerhouse of the whole body. 

Once the devil gets a hold on our minds, our thoughts, and manipulates them, he has us. Wars have begun because a group of people brainwashed and were brainwashed. Kingdoms and dynasties have crumbled because of a thought that was planted and germinated. A person is controlled by what occupies the throne of their minds.

The hardest battles to win are those fought on the battlefield of the mind. If a battle is won in the mind, then it is won on the outside. If the devil can constantly wage war and control a person’s thoughts and mind, they are defeated. 

A person not yet yielded to Christ will constantly yield to the devices of the enemy. The devil will keep on tormenting their minds with all kinds of evil.

I remember a time when I was tormented by Satan in my mind. I was exhausted. I wanted peace. I was so scared of my thoughts, until God delivered me. I remember praying one day, saying, “Father, whatever battles I have to fight in my mind, may You always win.”

Our Good Father won then and is still winning.  

The devil is our adversary who deceives and lies. He will continue to feed a person’s thoughts with doom, failure, their powerlessness, and their inadequacies. He always wants to fill our heads with so many lies that we feel ourselves constantly jarred in all directions.  

We are only able to win this battle by having a renewed mind. A renewed mind comes by constantly and consciously filling and feeding our minds with the truth: God’s Word. When the devil comes with his deceit and lies, our defense is sure. 

God did His great work in my life and one of the ways was to bless me with an insatiable hunger for His Word. I used the word “bless” because it is a great blessing to have the constant desire to read and study God’s Word. A person who constantly yearns after God’s Word is never far from God. 

The more we read God’s Word and obey it, the more our minds are transformed and renewed to focus on God. When our focus is on God and His righteousness, that is a weapon that protects us from the devices of the devil when they come. 


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Ebos Aifuobhokhan

Ebos Aifuobhokhan

Ebosereme Aifuobhokhan is a Nigerian and lives in Nigeria. She’s an avid reader and a lover of God’s Word. She leads the Hausa translation branch of Love God Greatly, translating all of our Love God Greatly studies into the Hausa language, spoken by over 40 million people worldwide. She also serves on the Encouragement and prayer teams at Love God Greatly. When asked her life purpose, you’ll always hear her say “to point people to Jesus.” She lives with her husband and son in Nigeria, where she is a Medical Radiographer in Delta state State, Nigeria.

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