For years, we have offered free Bible Studies in multiple languages. We do not want any woman anywhere to be denied access to these resources. This holiday season, we are launching a new initiative to reach more of the unreached, but we need your help!

Until now, we published links to our free downloadable studies on our website. We have served hundreds of thousands of women! However, our main website and our links are in English…and many of the unreached cannot read English.

The solution? A website for each and every language!

Our desire is for God to meet women where they are, so we believe hosting websites for each language is the best way to make women feel seen and loved, in all languages- right where they are!

We are launching twenty new websites before 2019! Women will soon be able to find everything we offer in their language, in one place! And no great act comes without good works. Every website will require more resources- regular maintenance, funding, prayer, and attention. This is where, we hope, you can stand in the gap for women thousands of miles away or, perhaps, even the woman next door.

Will you join us in making it easier for women to get into God’s Word for free?

  • Your friend from work who cannot find a local church to plug into…
  • Your friend down the street who wants to know God but doesn’t know where to start…
  • Single moms who cannot lend their time nor finances to attend Bible studies…
  • Women facing physical, geographical, or emotional struggles that threaten their spiritual lives…
  • Women’s ministries of church plants in need of free, high-quality Biblical resources…
  • Missionaries living abroad with direct access to their communities but few materials to spread the Gospel….
  • Nations crying out for help and hope, yet without access to God’s Word in their language and in a way they understand…

YOU can help every single person mentioned above. YOU can change the world with one purchase.

We know you have been waiting to get a chance to own a Love God Greatly shirt. Now is the time!

For only two weeks, you can pre-order a Love God Greatly t-shirt and 100% of your purchase will help fund 20 new websites for each and every language we currently serve. Place your order now, and your one-time purchase will create a new home for each language branch!

The pre-order ends November 26th!

Our t-shirts and sweatshirts will be mailed out December 10th just in time for Christmas!

You can pre-order these items in our Love God Greatly store!

LGG Women’s Black T-shirt Front

God Speaks All Languages - Women’s White TeeWomen's Black Sweatshirt
Another need we have at Love God Greatly is for monthly donors, women and men who will come beside us and help us lessen the burden of the financial aspect of our ministry. Even though we give our Bible studies away for free to those who can’t afford them or don’t have access to Bible studies in their language…running a ministry this size and creating each of our studies is not free.

  • If you are passionate about breaking down financial and language barriers standing between women and God’s Word…
  • If you want to pour into this mission more than once…
  • If you are able to become an ambassador of hope…

When you become a recurring donor, your support helps us budget for the coming year as well as helps us maintain these twenty new websites!

For $10, $25 or $50 per month, anyone with an internet connection can download our studies in 20 languages and multiply our outreach to the unreached!


Thank you for joining us in making it easier for women to get into God’s Word around the world!

Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

Thanks! Make sure you like our Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest pages - and let us know if you'd like to get involved with sharing God's Word with women globally!

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