God Is Near

He slowly made his way down the stairs in a half-sleep stupor, quietly calling out my name as he tried not to stumble.

“Mom,” he whispered.

In his confusion and exhaustion he could barely get my name out, but we mamas are tuned into hearing our children’s voices like none other.

He didn’t have the words for his need right away, but he didn’t need any. In that moment – more than anything – he just needed to know that he had a safe place to go. He needed confirmation that without condition, guilt, or performance, he can always run to me and find rest.

Though I don’t have babies in this house anymore, I’m learning that even the taller-than-me ones need to know that I’m near; that they can stumble down the stairs and through life on any day and at any time, and I will welcome them with open arms.

That’s really the definition of a mother’s heart, isn’t it?

He called my name, and I ran to him.

And before either of us said another word, he fell into my arms and breathed a sigh of relief, for he knew that he was being held…


Child of God, have you forgotten that you have access to your heavenly Father in an even greater way?

“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” ~ Romans 5:1-2

We have been justified by faith. The word “justified” in Greek refers to a once-and-for-all transaction. This means that as a child of the Most High you can fall into your Father’s arms on any day and at any time without condition, guilt, or performance, knowing that through Christ you have been declared not guilty by the One who died in your place. Once-and-for-all you guysoh, to let the magnitude of this grace soak deep down into our hearts.

We have peace with God. Are you tiptoeing through life in fear, wondering when God just might strike his wrath down on you the moment you stumble? Then hear this today: “The great truth of the gospel is not that at the moment when we embraced Christ as our Savior we were completely changed, but rather, that at that moment we were completely forgiven. And because of that forgiveness, we now have peace with God—a peace that can never be taken away.” – Daniel Wallace

We have access to this grace. This grace doesn’t come from a far-off place or from an unreachable God. It’s not wavering or marred by human imperfection. Oh, no. Because of Jesus this grace comes from an accessible God – a compassionate Father whose heart is tuned in to hearing us whisper His name and is ready to welcome us with open arms. The indelible gift of grace bridges the gap that once separated us from God and is now a place in which we continuously live… and can confidently stand.

Oh sister, we can rejoice – and rest – in this hope. God is near to all who call on Him; to all who call on Him in truth (Psalm 145:18).

Have you been confused and exhausted, stumbling through life and hesitant to run to the Father in prayer?

Today – even if you don’t yet have the words – find rest from this weary world in your Daddy’s arms. He’s waiting, listening, and longing to pour out His grace and peace in your life.

And before either of us said another word, I fell into His arms and breathed a sigh of relief, for I knew that I was being held.

This is the definition of a Father’s heart…

At His feet,


*Let’s Talk: Are you taking advantage of your full access to God as a daughter of the King who has been justified by faith? If not, what stands in your way?

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{Week 6} Challenge: In your study journal or on a separate piece of paper, write out a prayer to God, thanking Him for the access that you have to Him through Jesus.

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