At Love God Greatly, we have an incredible team of writers! These women love and serve God with their whole hearts and we are privileged to have them on our team! You can learn a bit more about each of these amazing women here. We want you to know their hearts, their stories, and their passions, so we’ve asked each of them to share a little bit more about their stories and their lives! They love and care for you and are committed to sharing what God is teaching them and how He is working in their lives with each of you!

Here’s a little more about Ebos!

Where do you live? 

Edo state, Nigeria 


 How long have you been writing for Love God Greatly? 

Since January of 2020! 


Which LGG Bible study has been your favorite to write for?

Shame Breaker


What are some of your favorite subjects to write about?

God’s love, second chances, stories found in the Gospels, women of the Bible, and overcoming shame and obstacles.


What faith-related topics are you most passionate about?

God’s love and second chances with God. 


When and how did you come to have a personal relationship with Jesus?

March 4th, 2012. I was still in college the at the lowest point of my life. One more failure was going to land me out of school. Then I knew I needed God. So I went to Sunday fellowship at church, knelt before Him and told Him that He didn’t have to love or use me because I was too damaged for Him and a failure. I just needed Him in mercy to help me pass college and graduate. And looking back I imagined God smiling with a shake of His head wondering how I expected Him to stop loving me. After all, He is love. He helped me pass out of college and ever since my life has looked more and more like Jesus. 


What is God teaching you during this season of life?

Trust and rest. 


Do you have a particular verse or passage you keep going back to in this season of life?

Psalm 62:11 –

God has declared one principle;

two principles I have heard:

God is strong,

and you, O Lord, demonstrate loyal love.


What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon with no agenda?

Reading or watching something on Netflix. 


Where is your favorite place to travel?

Country side. I live in the country and never get tired of it. 


Ebosereme Aifuobhokhan is a Nigerian and lives in Nigeria. She’s an avid reader and a lover of God’s word. She leads the Hausa translation branch of Love God Greatly, translating all of our Love God Greatly studies into the Hausa language, spoken by over 40 million people worldwide. She also serves on the Encouragement and prayer teams at Love God Greatly. When asked her life purpose, you’ll always hear her say “to point people to Jesus.” She’s single and totally in love with God. She’s a radiographer and a mammographer in one of the Teaching Hospitals in Edo State, Nigeria. You can connect with her on Instagram.


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