We were finishing up college, preparing for marriage, and eager to get on with our lives.

Right about then, we found ourselves gathered around the table.

It was battered and worn from years of service. Writings that had been crafted on paper had pressed through and left their mark. Glass rings, small etchings, and even some larger dents were visible signs of time well spent with family and friends. Many had been welcomed around this table over the years for a very intentional purpose, and now it was our turn.

They had been recommended to us by our pastor as a wise pair worth listening to. “Listen well,” he told us,  “and you’ll learn how to make much of Jesus in your marriage.” 

And our time at the table was real and rich.

They gently spoke of sinful temptations, and real solutions found in God’s Word.

They compassionately spoke of inevitable challenges, and the race that is worth running until the end. 

They confidently spoke of lasting joy, unshakeable commitment, and the One who holds it all together by his grace.


Fast forward to our own home years later at a designer kitchen table that we had spent years saving for. Feeling the weight of its value, we took painstaking measures to uphold its pristine look:

Tablecloths protected the polished finish.

Children were instructed to play with their toys elsewhere.

Activity around the table was limited in order to maintain a look that would impress any guest. 

All was well until the day my guard was down and a certain little boy drug a sharp object deep into the table’s surface, scarring it beyond repair. Tears were shed over this now damaged possession that we had worked so hard to obtain and preserve.

But surprisingly not long after, something freeing happened.

Sweet relief poured over us when we realized the freedom of no longer having to maintain an impossible appearance. The permanent imperfections that had initially left us devastated turned out to be the open door we needed to rest and enjoy the purchase for the purpose it was intended. The scars etched in deep… a beautiful reminder of grace.

The best part? We actually started gathering at our table, and sweet fellowship began.



As we wrap up our Galatians study this week, Paul passionately admonishes believers that it’s time to “gather at the table.” When we exchange our works, impossible self-preservation, and empty outer appearances for the new life Jesus has purchased for us with his blood, we’re freed up to bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2), to sow towards what is eternal (Gal 6:8), and to boast in nothing except the cross (Gal. 6:14).

We gather not as perfectly put together people, but as broken vessels – once lost and exhausted in our own efforts –  now redeemed and living in sweet fellowship with our Savior and with each other.

And our scars? Instead of holding us back, they become beautiful reminders of grace.

Are you tired of living for an empty man-made gospel?

Then pull up a chair. Embrace real freedom living. Bear the marks of Jesus. 

There’s room at the table for you.

At His feet,

{Week 6} Video:

If you can’t see this video, you can view it here. 

{Week 6} Challenge: Gather “around the table” with someone in the family of God this week with the purpose of doing one of the following: bearing each other’s burdens, encouraging each other to not give up, or boasting in what Jesus has done for you.

{Week 6} Reading Plan:



{Week 6} Memory Verse:

Galatians Week 6 Memory Verse


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