I spent a few days earlier this week having a little pity party for myself. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I’m not under ten years old, and this is not appropriate behavior for a grown woman, let alone a missionary. But there it is.

The story is this: I was invited to a fun gathering of women that met last week in the States, but as I live in Uganda, I couldn’t make it. Seeing the photos of everyone attending and wishing I could be there… well, a little pity party started. Then I started thinking about my sister having her baby in the next few weeks. It’s her fourth, and I’ve not been there for even one of the births. Sigh. Don’t forget, of course, we’ll be missing out on yet another Thanksgiving and Christmas with family this year (yes, I’m aware it’s only July, but pity parties aren’t limited by the calendar).

And because misery loves company, I wrote a little snippet on Facebook about how I was sad about all of this, thereby extending said pity party not only in my head and heart, but around the world.

And one comment on that post really brought me back to reality. Randy Alcorn, author of  the book Heaven, wrote this on my sorry little post:

You sound like Paul: “Remembering your tears, I long to see you that I may be full of joy” (2 Tim 1:4). You are in good company missing loved ones! The great reunion awaits, all together with the Lord:

“Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. Therefore encourage one another with these words.” 1 Thes 4:17-18.

Thanks for joining Paul in bringing the gospel to the nations on our behalf. Some reward comes now, much will come later. Meanwhile He feels your pain.

Ah yes, sweet perspective.

It brought me back to truth that my heart needed to hear and reminded me of two things:

1. Our memory verse for this week: 

Love God Greatly Week 6 Memory Verse

This. His righteousness is FOREVER. Forever. The part I was sorely missing in my self-imposed sadness. His righteousness really is forever, and we will be with Him forever. What a promise!

And His law is TRUE. His words are the words of a gentlemen, and they are true. I can cling to His word, his promises, his faithfulness when I am feeling down, lonely, and sad.

2. He has given us each other to remind us of this. 

Clearly, I needed Randy and others to bring me back to the truth, and that is why I love this community here at Love God Greatly so much. We are here to encourage one another in our walks with the Lord. We are here to spur one another on, and to remind each other of His righteousness and His Word.

So, thank you.

Thank you for being my community; for walking this road with me. Let’s commit to pick each other up when we stumble and fall, and point each other back to Forever and Truth.

Let’s continue to encourage each other in the comments. Share your struggles and find someone else to remind of both forever and truth!!


With Love From Uganda,

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