They had not remained faithful to God, but He remained faithful to them.

The book of Hosea was written to show the people of Israel the faithful love of God, His hesed. Israel had rebelled against God over and over again. The kings of Israel had led the people astray, followed false gods, and defiled the temple of God. The people had forgotten who they were and Whose they were. Israel had turned from God, from the One who had chosen them, protected them, provided for them, and blessed them. They had prostituted themselves with other gods and other nations. Their adulterous and idolatrous hearts had taken them far from God.

Hosea was just a man.

He was a prophet in Israel with a unique calling from God. He was asked to marry a prostitute and remain faithful and loyal to her. Hosea married Gomer, who was unfaithful to him. Yet over and over, Hosea redeems Gomer and brings her back to himself.

God gave Hosea a specific calling and a specific message for the people of Israel. Hosea’s faithful love to Gomer was meant to display the faithful love of God for Israel.

The book of Hosea is prophecy, with prose and narrative that is often challenging and confusing. As we study this incredible story, our prayer is that we may gain a fresh perspective of God’s character. Even in the harsh words of prophecy, we can see God’s hesed, His faithful, covenant-keeping love pursuing the hearts of His people.

God’s love is on display throughout the pages of this beautiful story of redemption. His faithful love is still at work, redeeming our stories and bringing us back to Him.

Maybe you’ll identify most with Gomer, the unfaithful wife who ran long and hard from Hosea, despite his efforts to win her love. Maybe you’ll see yourself in Hosea, discouraged that your efforts seem to fall short no matter what you do. Or maybe you’ll identify with the way Hosea is given a hard calling and be encouraged by the way he remains faithful until the end. But above all, you’ll see God’s faithful love pursue your heart and life over and over again.

As we explore God’s great love for us, may we, in turn, learn to love Him greatly with our lives.


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