We are just ONE WEEK away from the start of our Love God Greatly {Esther} Fall Online Bible Study, and we want to help you to begin well!  Here are just a few quick things you can do before next Monday to get prepared for this exciting next session:

1.  Many of you have already done this, but if you haven’t yet, make sure to ENROLL in the study!  This helps us to know who is studying with us as we prepare to serve you well!  It takes just a few seconds… you can head on over and enroll here.

2. Our LGG {Esther} MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD TODAY!!! Now is a great time to print off the {FREE} materials provided to you for this study! When you subscribe to our blog (oh yes, and don’t forget to confirm your subscription!), you will receive an email in your inbox each time a new post is submitted here on the blog.  Scroll down to the very bottom of those emails, and you will find the links to the {Esther} Study Guide and Reading Plan.  The Study Guide – in journal format – is a wonderful, interactive way to record what God is teaching you throughout the study. Make sure to look for this image at the bottom of your email, our free files will be listed right after it:
Download Esther Files Here For Free

4. YouVersion is Coming Soon!!! We have submitted our {Esther} Reading Plan and Devotional Content to YouVersion, and expect for the plan become available later this week (Go to YouVersion App – Browse Plans, and search for Love God Greatly {Esther}, but wait to start the plan until Monday!)!!!  We’re SO excited to be able to offer YouVersion again this session (thanks for telling us how much you LOVE it!), and we’re so grateful for the many people who work behind the scenes to make this possible! Stay tuned…

5.  Still looking to join a Love God Greatly group this session?  You’re not too late!! You’ll find a handful of groups that are still welcoming new members on the blog here. Thanks to ALL of the amazing LGG Group Facilitators who have stepped up and are ready to inspire, encourage and equip women to get into God’s Word this session!

6. It’s also not too late to consider inviting a friend to join us this session!  Maybe, just maybe, God has already laid someone on your heart, and you’ve been meaning to share this study info with them.  Don’t wait another day (you’ll never know their answer unless you ask, right?!)… it’s never too late to get into God’s Word with Love God Greatly!

7.  Finally, and most importantly, will you join us in PRAYER?  We’re humbly asking God to protect, bless, strengthen and empower us as we seek to embrace what God has for us throughout this study and beyond.  We are asking God to prepare and soften hearts to receive truth from His Word, so all who participate might walk away forever changed.

Oh friend, we cherish our time spent together with you in God’s Word!  Thank YOU for being a special blessing to the Love God Greatly community!  Our {Esther} Fall Online Bible Study with LGG begins MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1!  Get excited!!!

At His feet,

Love God Greatly

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