Today, we’re wrapping up with Part THREE of our mission. Love God Greatly exists to:

|EQUIP| women to grow in their faith, so they can effectively reach others for Christ.

Just because we are connected online doesn’t mean we at Love God Greatly don’t feel like a real, live family. We are a family! And family sticks together!

Once you are registered as a Love God Greatly Facilitator, you are adopted into one, big family and our team works hard to make sure you have all the resources and support you need to lead your group with excellence and point to God with confidence!

We are passionate about our family and the mission we are on together. We EQUIP our Facilitators so they can, in turn, EQUIP women to grow closer to God through the study of His Word and effectively reach others for Christ. It’s a harmonious life cycle that keeps on giving, and it comes straight from the heart of God.

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3:16-17

 So what do you mean I’m a part of a family? Where can I find this family? What exactly are these resources and support for Love God Greatly Facilitators that we keep talking about?
Are you ready? Here WE GO…

•LGG Facilitators Group on Facebook – Access to a private group for a daily injection of support through honest insight, creative ideas and brainstorming, inspiration and confidence boosts, and lots of tips on how to lead your group well!

•LGG Facilitator Handbook – Not sure where to start or how to follow through? Do not worry! We will send you an excellent resource guide filled with the practical ins and outs of creating and leading a group. We compiled our most frequently asked questions and answered them here!

•LGG Study Resources – We have a way for every woman to engage with our study according to her season of life and individual style! Along with our LGG Reading Plans and Study Journals, we share blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from a wonderful group of insightful women. We update our LGG Facebook and Instagram pages multiple times a day with shareable posts and beautiful graphic images. We have an LGG App for those who would rather have all the information in one place, and our devotionals are also available on YouVersion for convenience. All of these resources are designed as extras to enrich and enliven the study and can be a great help to YOU as you lead your group!

•Facilitators Only Page – Located on our main website, here you’ll find professional images and other helpful study-specific resources designed exclusively for Facilitator use.

•Our LGG Prayer and Encouragers Teams are a vital part of your facilitator experience, ensuring that you always have a safe place to share personal and group prayer needs, as well as access to an experienced team of facilitators who are committed to cheering you on every step of the way!

God has given feet to this ministry through a treasure of resources extend in a wide scope across six continents! And God has placed women in our lives that need help pointing back to Him. We cannot give God’s Word away without our Facilitators who are ready and willing to be the hands of Jesus by meeting women where they are and lovingly extending a helping hand.

Inside our treasure of resources are a plethora of materials and an ARMY of faithful women like YOU! Our Love God Greatly family continues to grow, and more and more barriers between women and God’s Truth are broken every day, shattered because of brave women like YOU who offer their time and hearts to others.

Would you lock arms with us as we reach the nations of the world for Christ?

With a mustard seed of faith we can move mountains in His name!

Here’s the challenge: have confidence that Christ will carry you… and call your mom, your sister, your grandma, your niece, the girl across the street, or the college friend across the country. Grab a group of girls from your church or workplace, and meet in a coffee shop or break bread with friends you always wished you knew better. Take advantage of the beautiful community God gathered online and draw your group further into inspiration and accountability by meeting face-to-face when you can.
Arm in arm and heart to heart, let’s spread grace and share Christ… together!

Are you ready to dive into this amazing adventure? We are ready for you! Sign up to become a Love God Greatly Facilitator TODAY!
Before you go, did you know…?

Did you know Love God Greatly is passionate about removing financial and language barriers that prevent women from knowing God by reading His Word?

Did you know Love God Greatly is unique because we give our translated Bible studies away for free?

Did you know 100% of the journal sales fund 80% of the mission??

And with less than 10% of our readers purchasing journals…

We have translated our journals into 20+ different languages!

Which means women in over 100 countries now have access to God’s Word and a loving community!

Praise God for the furtherance of the gospel to those who couldn’t read it otherwise and areas of the world which don’t have access to Christian bookstores or good Bible studies!!

Thank you for helping us multiply greater access to Love God Greatly Bible study resources!

Thank you for your financial support as we lessen the financial burden of missionaries and small churches around the world by allowing our studies to be downloaded and given away for free! Your generosity is a huge blessing to them and those they serve!!
Looking for our #FaithfulLove study journals? You can find the women’s in our Love God Greatly store! Our next study begins on MONDAY!

Grab a journal, build a community,
change women's lives.

Walking in Victory Bible Study

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