I was on my own for a long time.

I began translating Love God Greatly Bible studies into Italian in 2015. At first there were two of us on the team, working together to translate the studies. In 2017 I attended my first Women’s Leadership Intensive in Dallas,Texas where I was blessed by the incredible Love God Greatly community. It was encouraging and uplifting to spend time with our amazing team. I went home encouraged and excited to continue translating the Love God Greatly studies into my first language.

A few months later, my team member was unable to continue translating. I was hit with the realization that I was the only member of the Italian translation team. I would be the only one translating the studies from English to Italian, and it would be a lot of work.

I consistently prayed for help in translating. I have such a desire to see women know and understand God’s Word, and Love God Greatly has been a wonderful resource for me. I wanted to share what I had found with everyone I knew. I was translating our studies into Italian, but the work was, at times, exhausting and overwhelming, and I was alone. For two years the only help I had was from my dear mom, who proofread all of the translated materials.

About a year later, I had a woman approach me about helping translate the Bible studies. I was overjoyed! God had finally provided someone to help me and do ministry alongside me! A few weeks later I was asked to speak at a conference. While I was nervous and intimidated, this was a step of faith God was asking me to take. By leaning on Him I was able to see the incredible ways He had been working all along. I shared about the ministry of Love God Greatly at the conference, about how God had been faithful and how He was working in our ministry.

After sharing at the conference, four more women approached me about joining the Love God Greatly Italian team! Four! In only a few weeks our team had tripled in size! Not only that, but God provided exactly what we needed: more translators and someone to manage the graphics for our team! Isn’t it like God to do what we think will take years in only few days?

As our team began to grow, I approached a young friend (only 18-years-old) to be part of our Love God Greatly Italian team. I had been hesitant to ask her for help, simply because of her age. However, she recently told me how she had been praying for a long time for God to use her to serve His church in some way. God had planted a deep desire in her to advance His kingdom and serve Him. My request for her to join our team came at exactly the right time. It was another reminder of how God’s timing is perfect. As we wait on Him He is molding and shaping us to prepare us for what He has called us to do.

By taking a step that step of faith to share about the ministry of Love God Greatly Italian, God did above and beyond all I could ask. Today, I’m leading a team of nine women (which comes with its own challenges as well!). In those times of loneliness and exhaustion, I’m confident God was building my faith for this new season. He uses difficult situations in our lives to bring us closer to Him and to bring about His purposes. He is always working.

I’ve learned ministry is not a race. While there may be other ministries that are bigger or reaching more people, it’s not a competition. We’re all on the same team with the same purpose: to make Jesus’ name known around the world. I’m humbled by the new role God has given me as a team leader. I’ve learned that it is all about what He is doing. I never need to rely on myself or my own agenda, but instead, I can wholeheartedly trust His. Even when it seems as though He is leading me down a difficult path, He is faithful and He has a purpose for all life’s seasons.

Leadership brings me to prayer. When I’m not constantly on my knees in prayer as a leader, I try to accomplish things for God in my own strength. Being a leader is humbling, but after years of being on my own in ministry, I’ve learned that I’m never truly alone. God was with me then and He is with me now, helping me to lead and guide my team to bring glory to His name every day.


You can join in the ministry of Love God Greatly Italian by praying for Gloria and her team! Their biggest prayer requests are for a dedicated marketing team member and for a weekend retreat for all nine of her team members!

Melissa Fuller

Melissa Fuller

Melissa Fuller serves as the Content Director for Love God Greatly, an international women’s ministry aimed at equipping women around the world with Bible study resources. She loves God’s Word and is committed to helping women fall in love with Scripture (and it’s author!). She has a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and served as the general editor of the NET Love God Greatly Bible and the managing editor of the CSB She Reads Truth Bible and the CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA, loves running and hiking and is currently pursuing her goal of visiting all the National Parks in the US!

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