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My dear friend, Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan, are launching their new book today called: Different- The Story of an Outside-the-Box Kid and the Mom Who Loved Him and I couldn’t be more excited for them!

Sally has a special place in my heart because He used Sally and each of her books in powerful ways in my life as I’ve traveled down the ever-curving road of motherhood. While I’ve loved all of Sally’s books, Different is one of my new favorites.

Sally’s and Nathan’s testimonies of God’s faithfulness will increase your faith as you witness their doubt, heartbreak, and struggle. If you have an out-of-the-box child, I pray this book will be an encouragement to you and help you delight and embrace the unique way God made your child!

Through this insightful book you will come to see that you are not alone in your struggle. Sally and Nathan speak right into your pain and uncertainty and through their stories, you will find strength, beauty, and hope.


Nathan was different and Sally knew it.

From his early childhood, Nathan was bursting with creativity and uncontainable energy, struggling not only with learning issues but also with anxiety and OCD. He saw the world through his own unique lens―one that often caused him to be labeled as “bad,” “troubled,” or someone in need of “fixing.”

Bravely choosing to listen to her motherly intuition rather than the loud voices of the world, Sally dared to believe that Nathan’s differences could be part of an intentional design from a loving Creator with a plan for his life. She trusted that the things that made him different were the very things that could make him great.

Join Sally and Nathan as they share their stories from a personal perspective as mother and son. If you are in need of help and hope in your own journey with an outside-the-box child, or if you’re an adult trying to make sense of your differences, you’ll find deep insight, resonance, and encouragement in the pages of this book. Dare to love and nurture the “different” one in your life.


You can learn more about Different and purchase a copy here.

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