At times, I feel as if there is no hope for a better tomorrow. There is so much that is broken, and there are so many who are hurting. Usually, in these moments, I end up with more questions than answers. In these moments, I feel what it means to be human. One of the questions I have been asking myself is this: Is there an absolute truth? Is the Word of God the basis of what is true? In a world that says sin is not real and that we can choose truth for ourselves, it is so hard to discern truth from lies. 


Without absolute truth, the state of the world is chaos. We have all been witnesses of this. But we know there must be absolute truth because we see it in small instances every day, such as the gravity it takes to keep us from floating off into space. This simple fact that we can all agree on means there is a truth that must win. 


When Jesus walked the earth, He claimed to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). If we choose to believe His words, this means that He is the author of truth and the only path to abundant and everlasting life. There is an avalanche of scientific evidence for Jesus’ existence—His life, death, burial, and resurrection—and for the accuracy of the Word of God. However, as believers, we also operate from faith as we experience divine power that cannot be seen or even explained. 


Even though it is hard to stand up for truth in a culture that suppresses those who disagree with its ideologies, we must know that we have absolute truth in the Word of God. When pain causes God to seem absent and unreal, we can trust His Word because we know it is the truth that leads to peace; we have experienced it. 


The most powerful thing I have learned lately is that you do not have to agree with someone to love them; true love endures through every circumstance. As believers, we can have a firm core of truth and a gentle presence of love for all people, regardless of what they believe. We get to be the best listeners and the most loyal lovers as Jesus has demonstrated for us. 


Over the last few years, I have learned that it is okay to acknowledge my real, human emotions, ask hard questions, and admit doubt. I can have doubt and faith. I like being honest about these things because human emotion is real, and if we are not honest about our feelings then we will only move farther from the truth. I have seen this prove true: our emotion is an avenue for a deeper connection with God and others. For me, this may be a season of fewer words, but it is also a season of more assurance – more moments simply being held in the arms of God, reminded that I need Him desperately, that He knows what I need, and He is interceding for me in groanings that cannot be expressed in words . 


While I may not see full healing on this earth, and while I will never understand where God is in certain situations, I must believe that God cares for every human on this earth because He sent His Son to die for us all so we would not have to be destined for eternal death, but eternal life when we believe in Him. This is what keeps me living and fighting and loving. 


I know that someday soon, Jesus will come back for us. Until then, He is with us, and we can all be broken and healing at the same time. We can struggle and we can live. We can experience the redemption of our past and present pain as we wait for full healing and restoration in heaven. As Isaiah 35 so beautifully states, the Lord is preparing a place for those who believe in Him. In this place, “unending joy will crown them, happiness and joy will overwhelm them; grief and suffering will disappear.” Can you imagine this day? I am brought to tears just thinking about it. May you hold onto this hope forever, share it with others, and know that there is a remnant of believers all over the world fighting for this same truth and clinging to this same hope. Remain in it. You are never alone. 



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Grace Ann Hopkins

Grace Ann Hopkins

Grace Ann Hopkins loves Jesus. She is currently a student at Liberty University, excitedly studying Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating on Business, Religion, and Christian Counseling. She has a deep love for God’s Word and seeks to share it with whoever crosses her path. Grace Ann loves her family and friends deeply, and her mission in life is to make sure the person next to her feels loved. She wants you to know that you indeed matter because God hand-crafted you specifically with a special purpose and loves you just the way you are (Ps 139:13-14, Eph 2:10, Jn 3:16). You can connect with Grace Ann on her website and blog.

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