As my family celebrated the New Year with fireworks, my son asked his dad if he could help with the pyrotechnics. Most eleven-year-old boys love the chance to engage danger. However, Daniel has a proper perspective of fireworks. From an early age, my husband taught him the power and potential of these explosives. As a small child, he cowered at the loud bang, yet stared at their magnificent colorful display across the sky. Now, he respectfully interacts with each firework, listening to his father the entire time.

As we continue our quest into bravely living a life for Christ, we look toward what it means to fear God over man.  When we fear the Lord, we have an active respect and awe for God which translates into how we respond in obedience, service, and love. As we mature in our faith, our fear for the Lord evolves. My son’s fear of fireworks grew from an unknown dread to a known respect and admiration. Similarly, as we develop our personal relationship with God through Christ, our understanding of His nature matures along with our fear of the Lord.

Scripture states that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10).  When we recognize who He is as the Lord God Almighty and begin to understand that it is by His Sovereignty that we live, our perspective of everything else changes. Worship and obedience become our priority. No one on earth compares to His glorious name. Because He is incomparable, when we fear the Lord and place our trust in Him, there is no room to fear anything or anyone lesser.

In what area have you been struggling with fear? Sometimes it is easy to submit to others out of fear. Yet, the Bible states that when we do, it lays a snare for us (Proverbs 29:25). Take a moment to examine whether your fear of man exists because you have not placed your fear in the proper source­ – God.  When we actively fear and revere our gracious Heavenly Father, we realize that nothing can separate us from His love. This knowledge provides us with the confidence to bravely face anything and anyone in world.

Father God, thank You for allowing me to see just a fraction of how great and powerful You are through Your creation and through Your mighty works throughout history. Lord, help me to give You the honor and respect You deserve through my approach and actions.  Help me to not see You as a simply a tool to be used, but rather as the Lord of Almighty who gave all and deserves all.  Let my life reflect my attitude of worship.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Challenge for the Day:  Name one person or thing in your life that you have feared over God.  Spend some time with the Lord, recognizing His divine attributes.  Ask Him to help you surrender your fear to Him.

Seeking Him,

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Angela Perritt

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