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When Jesus told His disciples, “Go into the world and preach the good news to all creation (Mark 16:15),” His great commission, if they obeyed it, meant they would be apart. Our translators are apart as well. They are separated by continents, cultures, multiple time zones, and rely on the power of social media to stay connected.

Study after study, they allow God to use their ordinary lives for the extraordinary purpose of breaking down language barriers in over 100 countries on 6 continents. It is not easy work to translate entire studies and entire books of the Bible from English into their native language multiple times a year. But all of them agree- it is worth it. The monotony of their daily routines, or the difficult phase of life they are walking through, is brightened and their hearts are lifted knowing they took part in releasing Scripture to women all over the world for free.

At times, they all experience loneliness because of the distance between each of them. Motivation to keep going on this mission is hard to grasp during different seasons, especially if their internet connection is poor. And the black-and-white letters on a screen are no substitute for a long, joyful hug between dear friends.

Fortunately, we are beyond excited to share, our translators are gathering together in Europe in just two short weeks! And we are inviting you along for the trip!

Christian conferences are so common in the United States that it is easy to take them for granted. They are offered by so many ministries you could easily attend two or three per month- if you bought tickets in time because they frequently sell out. In Europe, however, our Christian sisters long for the opportunity to huddle into one room to worship and learn about the Lord with other women passionate about following Christ. Christian conferences in Europe are a rare occurrence.

Once a year, our Love God Greatly translators gather in one physical location to break bread, to connect without devices, and to soak up knowledge from women’s ministry leaders who have gone before them. Last fall, they gathered for their annual intensive in Texas. This fall, Love God Greatly is going to Germany to fill the need to full measure with community, comradery, strong content, and big hugs! We are hosting a European Intensive for our translators and a Women’s Conference open to all! And you can help us encourage them on their mission!

Edurne Mencia, our Spanish translator, believes our Love God Greatly Intensives are essential for the ministry,

“Most of our work and communications are online and having the opportunity to meet and be with other translators makes all the difference. The intensives allow us to be trained in multiple areas of our ministry and Christian life. And they give us a broader perspective of what God is doing in Love God Greatly worldwide. Intensives help us to cast a common vision across our many different branches. The leadership sessions and quality time together help us go from a group to a team.

Also, Europe is quite small which allows our translators to travel a shorter distance and attend without having to go to the United States. Having an open conference in Germany for local women is very important too. There are so few conferences in Europe as compared to the States. The conference will encourage and help many women!”

Love God Greatly is changing women’s lives one journal at a time but so very much work goes into the journal creation behind the scenes. We are passionate about helping women love God greatly with their lives… one Bible study, one translation, one woman at a time. And we are inviting you into this mission with us.

Dear friends, you do not have to leave the country or know multiple languages to help Scripture move across the globe. If you want to celebrate this opportunity to create sweet reunions and to solidify the team of women serving our ministry, join us! You can follow along on our Facebook page and our Instagram account and share comments of encouragement for our translators to read throughout the week! Look for the #LGGTravelstoEurope hashtag for all the updates! You can also click the ‘donate’ button on the top of our newly-designed website to alleviate the travel expenses of our brave warriors of the Word!

Today, let us celebrate … translations releasing for yet another book of the Bible, our newest study on Jonah, “Love the Loveless!” If you know of a missionary or church who could benefit from our free studies available in multiple languages, we would love to lift their burdens! Please direct them to our site or send us an email at [email protected].

Thank you for loving God greatly with us. Please join us in prayer for safe and hiccup-free travel for our translators and for good health for them and their families! We can’t do this without you! Because of YOU look at what we can do to further the Kingdom of God because of your donations, journal purchases and treasured prayers! Thanks for joining us in helping to fulfill the Great Commission!




Do you live in Germany or have a friend or know a missionary who lives in Germany? We need your help sharing about our upcoming one-day women’s conference in Frankfurt, Germany! Please help us spread this amazing news about our upcoming European conference with those that you know!

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Images from when our translators began arriving last year for our intensive!


You can find all our LOVE THE LOVELESS translations here!

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