Argula von Grumbach is known for standing up for what she believed was right. A Bavarian noblewoman, Argula married a nobleman named Friedrich von Grumbach and had four children, three of whom died before she did. After the death of her first husband, Argula married Burian von Schlick.


Argula was a supporter of the Reformation and an important voice in the movement. She was close to many leading theologians of the time, including Martin Luther. She had a mastery of Scripture, often memorizing and reciting large portions of God’s Word. She was the first Protestant woman who published letters and poems promoting and defending Martin Luther and others for their Reformed theology. She also helped establish many churches throughout German villages, many of which could trace their foundations to her ministry hundreds of years later. 


Argula is most known for her controversial confrontation with the University of Ingolstadt in 1523. The university arrested and interrogated a young student for his reformed views. At the time, laypeople, especially women, did not and could not debate the church or other establishments on theological matters. But Argula could not sit idly by. When no one else would defend the young student, Argula did so herself. 


She had deep convictions based on the truth of God’s Word. She was confident the actions of the university were contrary to what the Bible said, and she challenged their actions and authority at a time when women did nothing of the sort. Though she went against cultural norms, Argula stood strong in her biblical convictions. 


Argula’s life is a great encouragement to us to remain in Scripture. She spent her days immersed in Scripture, reading, studying, and memorizing it. Because of her deep understanding of God’s Word, she was able to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves.  


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