God would not have breathed His Word into the Bible through stories of hundreds of different people if He meant for us to live an isolated life. We are meant for community and Jesus is our example of The King who led by serving. He showed us the perfect way to put others before ourselves and God commanded us to spread His Word across the world!

But sometimes the enormous size of our world feels overwhelming and it seems like we are too small to actually make a big difference. You may be inspired to change the world one moment and then question yourself the next. Is it possible to help others across the globe, to serve them in a meaningful way without traveling overseas or to another country?

It is possible to change the world when you plug into the mission of Love God Greatly!

We are passionate about empowering generous souls to feed others who are hungry. Our desire is to continue to see God break down financial and language barriers so that every woman in every country can read God’s Word in her own language. And God is blowing us away through our studies translated into Afrikaans!

South Africans are free to practice Christianity and an overwhelming majority of the population already does, over 80%! And Afrikaans is spoken by almost 23 million people in that corner of the world. But there are few Christian resources in Afrikaans available to them. The Bible has been translated into five different translations in Afrikaans, but they have only one Bible Commentary and a limited amount of Bible studies in Afrikaans. Resources are expensive.

“I live in a smaller city and have to go to bigger cities to find a Christian bookstore. I wanted to buy a Bible study by a certain Christian teacher but it was 800 rand, which is about $60 US dollars,” our translator Velia tells us. “When I came to Dallas for the translator intensive last year, we went to visit the LifeWay store and I was absolutely astounded by the number of resources available in English!”

One of our other Afrikaans translators live in Canada and leads a group there. “A friend of mine has been living here in Canada for 18 years. That’s a long time to be immersed in another language and to speak it every day, but in her mind, she still thinks in Afrikaans. She so greatly appreciates being able to study God’s Word in her own language.

It is easier for her to express herself and grow closer to God in Afrikaans because it’s her first language.”

Over 60,000 people (that we know of) are plugged into and studying God’s Word through our Afrikaans online community and they are thrilled with our Afrikaans Bibles studies! Praise God!!

Love God Greatly journals are very affordable, but the shipping costs from the US to South Africa are triple the amount of the journal. And the shipping time can be up to six months because the books have to go through customs. So our ever-growing community of Afrikaans women depend on the free downloads and the Love God Greatly reading plan available on You Version in Afrikaans. We have over 15,000 women studying God’s Word through Love God Greatly on You Version in Afrikaans together!

Our Afrikaans team translates the studies and also translates every blog post, which are published in an online magazine in South Africa. Most South Africans are private about their faith, which is a stark contrast to American women openly talking about their faith in our English study groups, so it’s easy for our translators to get discouraged and wonder if their hard work is worth it. But last week, a woman sent a message after reading a blog post in our Fear and Anxiety study, “Stress and anxiety paralyze people and you take your eyes and trust off from our Heavenly Father. God is in charge of our lives. Thank you for the blog. It saved my life today.”

Where one woman in South Africa is saved from studying God’s Word in Afrikaans, and an estimated 23 million people in that corner of the world who speak Afrikaans could benefit from our studies too, there is great hope!

Women in South Africa love the Lord but are starved for resources to help them love Him more. While we cannot send them an entire LifeWay store, one purchase of a Love God Greatly journal is how our whole mission is fueled and how Scripture moves across the globe!

As our Afrikaans friends are driven to God’s Word through our free online communities, they are freed from financial and language bondage! And that is all possible because of YOU! Thank you for supporting this community through sharing our images, praying for our languages, and joining the mission through your purchases and donations!

Please join us in praying for our Afrikaans community to be filled with courage as they live out their faith in a bold way!


Ohhh friends, we love how these testimonies illustrate our heart desire to help serve fellow Christians, missionaries and pastors around the world through our translated resources! We are passionate about lifting burdens and breaking down barriers standing between God’s Word and His daughters.

If you would like to extend a hand in spreading His Word, please share our resources with those who serve people of different languages! If your church, pastor, missionary friend, or friend living abroad would be blessed with our resources, we would be so grateful if you could connect us with them! Email us for assistance at [email protected]

Or, if you would like to help translate scripture and Bible resources and reach women all over the world in their native language, please comment below and specify which language you specialize in! Our translators not only translate the Bible studies, but they also provide support through social media pages and groups, blogs and MORE! They need your help if you are able and willing! If you are bilingual, trilingual, or more and gifted in graphics, technology, and mentoring, we would love to work with you!

You can contact one of our LGG Branches using the links below and help get women around the world into God’s Word through our Bible studies!


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Did you know when you purchase a Love God Greatly journal, you are helping to give God’s Word away in over 19 languages and change the world…one journal purchase at a time? THANK YOU for supporting our ministry and joining us as we break down financial and language barriers so more women around the world can have access to God’s truth in their native languages!

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